Free Beer Bottle Label Downloads

Download all files here, in zip format.

  • Includes four image files for the blue, red, charcoal and black & white backgrounds.
  • Includes four pdf files for the blue, red, charcoal and black & white background.

These beer label templates are perfect for our Dashleigh Beer Label with Neck Labels (in Kraft and White), as well as your carefully crafted home brew.   Add your own font and text with the recommendations below. 

Recommended Fonts:

Instructions for Using the Images PDF:

  • Perfect for any Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator editing. 

Instructions for using in Microsoft Word: 

  • Unzip and extract the downloaded file
  • Insert the image (.jpg):  Insert > Pictures > Select the Picture to Insert
  • With the image selected: Format > Wrap Text > Behind Text
  • Align with the left and top side of the page:  Right click > Format Image
  • In a new window, select the Size Tab: Height, Absolute - 11 inches  and Width, Absolute - 8.5 inches
  • With the image still selected, Format > Position > More Options
  • In new window, select: Alignment Left relative to Page
  • and Alignment Top relative to Page
  • Uncheck Layout in table cell


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