About Dashleigh

Dashleigh lives somewhere between innovative and elegant, which appeals to those looking for an original and thoughtful.  We create modern paper goods that sell themselves.  Our water resistant recipe cards the hallmark of our brand.

Our packaging is crisp and clean, so that the lovely design of the product always shines through.

And our stationery makes an awe-inspiring presentation.


Do you ever doodle in the margins of your paper? I have heard that what you draw says a lot about you.

It was 7 pm, and I was still in the office of my corporate fashion job.  I was waiting for a team member to finish a report and I was doodling, of course.  I looked down at what I was unconsciously drawing and realized it said: "I quit."  Sketched over and over deeply into the paper.

So, I did.

I packed up my Honda and pencils and moved to my parent’s cabin far in the Texas country where the roads are gravel and the rent is free. With a limited amount of savings, spotty wifi and more possums and raccoons than I can count, I was happier than ever.  Just me, the wilderness and a small business.


Now I am back in the city and I spend my days designing innovative and elegant stationery. Each piece is a represents a special moment in my life... and it always starts with a doodle.