Behind the Scenes at Dashleigh

We have alot of fun here at Dashleigh.  For us, there is nothing like the anticipation of opening a new set of products.  The joy of seeing your digital hardwork in physical form is unparalleled. 

Then we lovingly package them and send them carefully of to the warehouse.  It is so bittersweet.  On our Dashleigh instagram account, we frequently show the day to day unboxing of our new products!  Be sure to follow us there to get the latest scoop on what is coming.


Here are some of our favorite unboxings!


Dashleigh notecards vintage and burlap

These are some of our favorite note cards with clean white envelopes. You can find them here.

Dashleigh labels and behind the scenes

These is a little shot of gearing up for some serious labeling. Notice the coffee. That is an essential supply for us.

Dashleigh labels and behind the scenes

Aww. Brand new recipe cards. We are really in love with these new ones.

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