Free Purple Floral Wine Labels Printables

Free Purple Floral Wine Labels

This is Purple Floral freebie week.  Earlier this week, we debuted our first Purple Floral free design, the floral purple water bottle label and mason jar labels.  Today, we are introducing the this gorgeous wine label.

This new set includes free printable labels for wine gifts, bridal shower gifts or wedding wine labels.

We initial designed this set for our Dashleigh Waterproof Wine Label Kit in Kraft, Waterproof White or Clear Gloss, in multiple colors. 

Download the file

1. We have two ways to obtain the free image.  You can download the image directly below.  Or download the entire family of images in our zip file.  This includes invitations, thank you favor tags, pdfs and extras.

Files to Download:

2. (Optional) If using the Dashleigh labels, you will need to download the Wine Label Microsoft Word template to line each image up with the labels.  You can use this Word file even if you are just printing on paper, as well.

3.  Add fonts to your Computer.  These fonts that we use in this example is completely free for download at Google fonts.

Adding Google Fonts:  Now you are ready to download your free Google fonts.

Link: Great Vibes and Forum

Help: How to Download Google Fonts to Your Computer

4.  Adding the Images to your template.  For each of our images, we have added 1/8 an inch to each side so each image will reach the edge of your label.

a. Insert > Pictures and choose the vintage paper.jpg from extracted zip file.
b. Pull and drag the image into place fitting it neatly into your label space.

5. Adding a Text Box: Once you have finished installing your fonts- we will now see Great Vibes and Forum in the MS Word dropdown.  Now, we are going to add the text for your label.  Using Insert > Text Box- add the text for the label.

Note: You may notice that adding this text box sends your images scattering across the page.  No worries,  but click on the text box and set the Wrap Text to "In Front".  This will ensure that your text will sit on top of your background images.  You can repeat this for any text or images you add moving forward.
6. Once completed, your labels are ready to print!

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