How To Make Your Own Essential Oil Labels

how to make essential oil bottle labels

You are a oil blend master.  You spend your time sourcing the best oils from the purest sources.  You create and test blends constantly. 

This is not only your hobby but a way to make a living or give truly thoughtful gifts to your loved ones.

Now, you just need a beautiful label to match your beautiful essential oil blends. 

And we have everything you need right here at Dashleigh.  From finding high quality waterproof labels, to free design templates for essential oil bottles- right here in one place.

How to Make Your Own Essential Oil Labels

Sourcing the Right Waterproof Labels

You will need to find waterproof labels that when printed at home still have a professional look and feel.  You are in luck- we happen to have waterproof labels for essential oil bottles right here at Dashleigh. Choose the best label for your bottle.

Getting the Templates

If you choose to use our waterproof labels or want to create your own. 

We have a library of Microsoft word and PDF template that provide guidelines and tables to keep your designs lined up and ready to print.

Many of our templates provide spacing around each label so that you can create a print bleed (allowing your design to bleed over the edge of the label to prevent white space from showing).

Free Cosmetic and Essential Oil Design Templates

Here at Dashleigh, we also provide several walk-throughs showing how to create stunningly professional and custom printable essential oil bottle labels on your own home computer. 

Each design can also be used for your doTerra, young living, and other essential oil blends.

Pastel and Marble Printable Essential Oil Template

Marble and Pastel Essential Oil Bottle Labels

Grey Geometric and Black Printable Essential Oil Template

free editable essentail oil bottle labels

Modern Apothecary Essential Oil Printable Template

free Essential oil bottle printable

Minimal Lines Product Packaging

 free diy essentail oil bottle labels




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