Handcrafted: The Evolution of Recipe Card Design at Dashleigh

We are going to show you how we go from sketch to fetch.  From drawing to balling.

So, you may have noticed that our recipe cards are unique and one-of-a-kind.  Each one is carefully created with modern colors.  Oh, so flattering of you to notice.

How do you do that, Dashleigh? Very easily... with a pencil and eraser.  Lots and lot of erasing.  But each one is hand-drawn and special.   Then we take the final product and scan it in Adobe Illustrator for the digital version that goes to the big commercial printer.

Find out where we came up with the idea for water resistant recipe cards.

1.  In this image, you can see all of my drawing utensils scattered all over the place.  I have sketched the outside bleed (printing term for overlap) and the inside line is the actual 4x6 inch recipe card.  After a few strange attempts, which will not be shown here, we finally have a cupcake shape.  


2.  It was funny, the cupcake was supposed to float in the background, but after playing around, I decided that cupcake would hold the ingredients.  I squeed with delight and kept drawing.   I added some basic scripty font.  You can see my hand holding the drawing down because I did not want it to run away.  You never know.

3.  Oh, I forgot to mention that I am a lefty.  These images are not reversed.  Now we have some more definition of placement and I have started adding pen to the image.  We are ready to scan the recipe card into Adobe Illustrator where the really magic happens.

4. Tada!  After we added some color and finalized our little cupcake shape, we finally have the completed recipe card.  Perfect for those who love to put recipes for confections inside of confections.  Yum!



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