Pink Polka Dot Water Bottle Wrap, 7x2 inch

Download the Water Bottle Wrap Background Image

1. To get started, just download the background image using the link above.

2. Add the image to your Microsoft Word or Dashleigh Water Bottle Template. Click Insert > Picture.

3. Click on the image in Word. Change the Wrapping in Word using Format > Wrap Text > Behind Text.

4. Copy and paste on the page for multiple water bottle wraps.

Ideally, 5 will print on a standard 8.5x11 inch sheet of paper.

5. Now, to add text, click Insert Text Box. Click on the text box and select Shape Border to "no Border".

Also select Shape Fill to "no Fill". Change the Wrapping in Word using Format > Wrap Text > In Front of Text.  Move the text box over the first water bottle wrap.

6. Inside of the text box add your custom text.

7. Copy and Paste the text box for each water bottle wrap.

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