Organic Green Product Packaging- Free Dashleigh Download

Download Organic Greens Zip file here.

Create beautiful and simple product labels for all of your cosmetic items.  Download the images you need at the bottom of this article.  This can be used for any shape cosmetic label or any type of product. 


  • Beige Background for Labels and Tags
  • Floral Logo with Beige or White Background
  • Elements for Cosmetics (Gluten free, Paraben free, Not Tested On Animals, Organic)
  • Includes both JPG and PNG files.


  1. Download each of the files at the bottom of the page.
  2. Download the Google Fonts listed in the fonts section.  Google will walk you through how to do this.
  3. Open your Dashleigh word template.
  4. Add the background image to each of the label boxes.  This is designed to work on a white background, as well.
  5. Add the separate images, such as "organic"
  6. Add your company logo
  7. Add your address and any information you need with the fonts.
  8. Play around and make it your own.  When you are done, feel free to post your final product label in the community forum.


  • Shown with the free Google Fonts (Raleway) and (Bad Script)
  • Download these free fonts to match the sample above.


This is helpful to those who are using our product packaging kits in Microsoft Word.  We often give hex values  (example: #123ABC) for colors that match the existing design.  You can use these same colors in Word, using the following steps:
  1. Create a new Word doc.
  2. Draw a shape.
  3. Remove all formatting from the shape except a single flat color.
  4. go to fill color in the ribbon & choose the "More Colors" option.
  5. bring up the "RGB Sliders" in the resulting picker.
  6. enter "243974" in the "Hex Color #" box & click OK.

This also works for text and outlines.

Matching Colors:

  • Gold (#BFB28E)
  • Forest Green (#338880)
  • Light Beige (#F7F5E5)

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