Free Wedding Wine Labels - in Art Deco Style

Download Wedding Wine Template File

This Microsoft word file contains everything you need to create beautiful wedding themed wine labels.

  • Each file includes shapes that can be edited in Word to include your own text and color themes.
  • Download the recommended fonts for free from Google fonts.


  1. Download the Microsoft Word file at top of the page. 
  2. Download the Google Fonts listed in the fonts section.  Google will walk you through how to do this using SkyFonts.
  3. Open your Dashleigh word template in Word.
  4. Arrange and style all of the images as you want. Add and modify text using your new fonts.
  5. Copy and paste the finished image into your Dashleigh template for printable labels. 



To specify these custom colors in Word, use the fill tool, and "More Fill Colors...".  Click the custom time- and enter the RGB into each of the boxes. 

Click "OK" and your colors show as available throughout your Word document. 

  • Copper Beige: rgb(201,158,107)

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