Free Halloween Candy Bar Wrapper

Free Halloween Candy Bar Label


Download this Free Halloween Candy Bar Wrapper

These images were made to work with our premium chocolate bar labels.

1. Download the Image above that you would like to print.  We offer several versions of this anniversary download.  If you would like to add names, choose from the top two images.  If you would like to print the wrappers- just download from the bottom two images.

Candy Bar Wrapper Label

Premium Candy Bar Wrapper Labels in White and Kraft


2. Download our Microsoft Word Candy Bar Template.

3.  Adding the Images to your template.  For each of our images, we have added 1/8 an inch to each side so each image will reach the edge of your label.

a. Insert > Pictures and choose the vintage paper.jpg from extracted zip file.
b. Pull and drag the image into place fitting it neatly into your label space.
4. Once completed, your labels are ready to print!

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