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Six Stunning Ways to Incorporate a Tropical Theme in your Home

Whether you live in the warmer latitudes, or just wish you did, you can work the tropical décor theme in way that represents both your personal aesthetic and your love of toasty coastlines.

Since every generation has loved a sun-soaked adventure to the tropics, you can add a Hawaiian or Caribbean feel to almost any décor theme from ultra contemporary to retro mid century modern.

Tropical Decor and the Pastel Trend

Nothing says gorgeous a Miami summer like the addition of some soft pastels paired a few palm fronds.  Accent your home by pairing deep coconut palm green and balmy pastels like baby blues, sunset orange and lavender.   You can modernize your pastel trends with strategically placed gold accents and doodads.

Add some ultra large prints on small walls using wallpaper or large wall art, and place a few succulents on your coffee table in gold geometric flower pots and you have a trendy pastel tropical home theme

I've picked out a few great pieces, which may not be in stock in the future, but serve as a great inspiration.

Tropical home decor wall paper Tropical Palm Art Deco Brass Lamp

Anthropologie - Pacifico Palm Wallpaper

The spectrum of light green pastels of this wallpaper is perfect for an accent wall.

Shop this tropical wallpaper

Anthropologie - Palm Frond Table Lamp

I love the brass meets art deco lamp, styled on a white side table, under your pastel tropical wall art.

Shop this lamp

 Tropical Pastel decor theme trends

 Pastel palm tropical wall art

Pottery Barn - Pink Palm by Justine Milton

Shop this Tropical wall art

Pottery Barn - Pink Palm by Meg Venter

Shop this Pastel wall art

Stately Tropical Ivory trend

If you wanted to go for a more stately, regal tropical décor theme, pair shades of warm ivory, gold metallic and aqua.  This combination of light off-whites and warm golds and green will give you a decor look that is more evergreen and timeless.

Keep white or ivory as your default color for furniture, curtains and rugs.  Add the tropical colors to your wall art, rugs, and throw pillows.  Now, polish the look with accent pieces, lamps in ivory and gold.  You can add the occasional pop of bright color by adding deep flamingo pinks and tropical sun yellows.


Pottery Barn - Pineapple Lamp

Nothing says understated elegance like a white pineapple.  The gold accents puts this lamp over the finish line for me.

Shop this lamp

Amazon - Oceanfront Pillow

The slight sheen to the ivory/gold accents of this pillow work with the gold of the other decor pieces.

Shop this pillow

Pier One- Coastal Air Abstract Wall Art

I love the blend of aqua and gold for a pop of color in a ivory themed room. 

Shop this wall art

Pottery Barn - Philodendron Leaf Melamine Platter

Not just for the kitchen, these melanmine plates work on coffee tables and side tables as accent pieces.

Shop this platter

Make it Mid Century Exotic

If live near the water, but adore the clean lines and retro accents of mid century modern trend, you can craft a tropical look that jets straight out of the atomic age.

Keep the cool walnut or acorn stain for your furniture, add some on trend brass elements, to keep with the retro 50's and 60's aesthetic.  Lucky for you, brass is a metal that is more on trend than ever before, you can include your favorite photography in matte deep brass frames on table surfaces or hanging over your couch.

Once you have established your mid-century decor base pieces, add your green accessories like you would any other tropical home décor, favoring the larger prints or solid colors for elements like pillows, rugs and wall art textiles.  To round out the room, keep the lines clean and simple, especially in your curtain rods and lamps. 

Add a few large faux palm fronds in the corners to pull in the tropical theme to complete your tropics meets mid century room.


West Elm - Mid Century Walnut & Brass Curtain Rod

Shop this curtain rod

West Elm - Alexa Coffee Table

Shop this coffee table

Pottery Barn - Faux Palm

Shop this faux palm

Pottery Barn - Palm by Justine Milton

Shop this palm print 


Ultra Contemporary Tropical

Love the contemporary vibe of the mod marble and chrome trend, but live on the Atlantic or Pacific?  Well, I have fabulous news! Modern, contemporary furniture retailers are starting to add tropical contemporary décor to their offerings.

You may need to mix and match a few pieces, like finding a great frame and replacing the image inside with a soft palm watercolor (see below).  But you can create a space that is uniquely your own.

We love a beautiful mirror frame with an elegant palm close up photography.  Favor the light palm images, that almost border on pastel.   Decorate with mother of pearl or capiz shell accents to add a warm ivory touch to the contemporary theme.


Amazon - Mirror Frame

Shop this mirror frame

Z Gallerie - Palm Art

Shop this wall art

West Elm - Capiz Shell Art

Shop this wall art

Z Gallerie - Silver Nautical Wall Accents

This set of nautical "Of the Sea" accents would perfectly fill an accent wall. 

Shop these wall accents


Exotic, Tropical Workspace

Nothing will make your work feel like vacation more than a South Pacific themed office set up.  Mix and match from the Container Store's Poppin desktop accessories collection to create a color pallete that matches your lush and leafy theme. 

Add our Tropical Note Cards to complete your coastline cute deskscape.  Complete the look with the Urban Outfitters Palms MacBook Pro Retina Laptop Skin. 

Our inspiration for this office is minty greens and flamingo pink. 


Poppin -  Office Accessories

Mixing and matching the Poppin colors would let you fully customize your office space.

Shop these poppin accessories

Urban Outfitters - Apple Tropical Cover

This would be the perfect finishing touch to any Caribbean themed office space.

Shop this laptop cover

Dashleigh - Tropical Note Cards

With colors ranging from leafy palm greens and flamingo pinks, these Tropical note cards pair perfectly with any tropical themed home.

Shop this note card set

Poppin - Blush Office Accessories

These bright blush pink Poppin office accessories add a pop of color that reminds me of a pink flamingo.

Shop these poppin accessories



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