Incorporating Recipe Requests in Bridal Showers: A Unique and Personal Touch

Incorporating Recipe Requests in Bridal Showers: A Unique and Personal Touch

ic: 50 Wedding Advice Cards, 4x6 in., Gold or Silver Foil

Bridal showers are the perfect occasion to share love, laughter, and create unforgettable memories. Including recipe requests in bridal showers is a growing trend that adds a personal touch to the event. Here's how to make it a memorable part of the shower:

1. Invitations with Recipe Cards

Include a newlywed gold foil recipe card with the shower invitation. Ask guests to write down their favorite recipe as a special gift to the bride.

2. A Recipe Box at the Shower

Set up a box for collecting recipes at the shower. The water-resistant newlywed recipe cards are perfect for this. They add a touch of elegance, and the water-resistant feature ensures they last a lifetime.

3. Decorate with Themed Bags and Accessories

Add elegance to the shower with these Mr. and Mrs. gold foil-stamped bags. They're perfect for party favors or for collecting recipe cards. You can include these cards as an activity during the bridal shower or in the invitation as something to bring as a gift for the bride-to-be.  You can keep the recipes general, or give a themed recipe request, such as:

  • Easy recipes for newlyweds
  • Affordable recipes under $5 a serving
  • Family heirloom recipes to share
  • Hosting recipes that will make any guest happy
  • Recipes that may fit the bride's or groom's food allergies.

    "Sharing a family recipe with the bride is like sharing a piece of your heart."

    4. Luxurious Recipe Cards

    ic: 50 Bridal Shower Recipe Cards, 4x6 in, Gold Foil

    Offer lux floral gold foil recipe cards or foil floral border recipe cards for guests to write on. They add a luxurious feel to the event.  These foil recipe cards match almost any bridal shower theme and can be included right in the invitation. 

    5. Advice Cards for the Couple

    In addition to recipe cards, consider providing gold foil advice notecards for guests to offer marital wisdom.  These can be offered at the bridal or wedding shower, or give the entire pack to your bride-to-be to pass out at her wedding or reception. 

    How It Works

    1. Send the Invitation: Include the recipe request in the invitation.
    2. Provide Recipe Cards: Offer elegant recipe cards designed for bridal showers.
    3. Collect the Recipes: Set up a designated space for collecting recipes.
    4. Compile the Recipes: After the shower, compile the recipes into a beautiful recipe book for the bride.

     Including recipe requests in bridal showers is more than just a fun activity. It's a way to gather cherished family recipes and create a cookbook that the bride will treasure. By using beautiful recipe cards, bags, and accessories from Dashleigh, you can make this aspect of the bridal shower a highlight of the day.

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