How to Apply Labels to Bottles and Jars

So, you have perfected your jar label.  You have moved and shifted the design into the ideal position and your label looks absolutely impressive. 

Now, after all of your hard work, you want to make sure the label makes an astoundingly professional appearance.  To do this- you need to make sure that your label is cleanly applied, perfectly straight and smoothly flat on your jar.

And we are here to help!


  • Egg Carton
  • Printed Labels
  • Jar or Bottle

Prepping Your Jar: If the contents of your jar contains oil or a slick material- you will need to remove it. Using a Dawn or Palmolive dish soap and hot water to remove all of the oil.  This will assure that your label sticks.

1. We recommend using an empty egg carton to balance the jar.  This will ensure that your product does not move around while you are affixing the label to the jar.  (If you are absent an egg carton- you can use your lap or a rolled up kitchen towel.)

2.  To make sure your label is straight and centered, you will need to find the seem on the jar.  You can feel around the jar to find light ridge on each side of the jar.  Position the jar so that the edges of the seem face the horizon.  You will be using the clean, "unseemed" part to determine the center of the jar.

3. After positioning the jar, you will need to remove the label from the backing sheet.  The best way to do this, is to pull the backing sheet back from the label.  This will guarantee that you do not smudge or crumple your label.  Use your index finger on the adhesive to pull the label free.

4. Using both hands,center the label on the jar.  Slowly and subtly bend the label to lower the center of the adhesive towards the jar.  Once attached, start to pull the label down over the jar to fully affix it.

5. Use your thumbs to press the label and smooth.  This will make sure that the label sticks long term.

Allow the label to set for 24 hours to firmly affix.

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