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5 Perfect Gifts for the Your Favorite Beachcomer

Do you know someone who would spend every morning walking on the beach if they could?

i have gathered a sunny little list of great gift ideas for your loved ones who are loving that coastal lifestyle.

Beach comers net bag

The Line

Filt Large Net Bag

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Tote their Beach Finds

If they are constantly gathering shells and sea stone, they are going to need a classic net bag.  I recommend this bag because it is ultra light for those longer walks

The handle keeps the bag closer to the body, so it does not slap your body as you climb those sand dunes. 

Also, with the netting, if it gets wet- it will be dry by the next morning without having to throw it in the dryer.

Morning Coffee on the Go

Mark and Graham

S'well Water Bottle in Teak

Get this water bottle

Now, let’s find a few useful items to put in the bag.  Firstly, you will need a water bottle and we can not recommend this S’well stainless steel water bottle in Teak more. 

If you get the bottle from Mark and Graham – they will laser engrave the initials right on the bottle for you. 

This bottle holds both hot drinks (like morning coffee) and keeps them warm for up to 12 hours. 

It also keeps your cold drinks cold for over 24 hours, so your favorite beachcomer can wander as long as they want.

These Shoes are Made for Beachcoming

Shoes for Beachcomers


Go Walks in Terrific

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Next, let’s talk shoes.  On most days, I can imagine a lovely barefoot walk, but some days you need some extra support and that is where the Sketcher’s Go Walks would suit perfectly. 

These are personally favorite shoes of mine, I have survived charity walks, Disney World, and hiking trips in my grey Go Walks.  

Not a single blister and the memory foam liner is still as buoyant as the day I first put them on. 

Beach Walks cleaning towels


Bar Mop Towels & Dishcloths, Set of 4

Shop these towels 

There are no ties or flaps, which means to just slide them on and go.  They still fit high on the top of the foot, which means they will help keep sand out of your shoes. 

These are the perfect no fuss beach-combing shoe.

Cleaning Up

Now, when you get back, there is a possibility of sand everywhere.  This is where a simple fluffy terry cloth towel might be your best friend. 

We love these Williams-Sonoma towels because they dry fast and fold small, perfect to take with you on your walk.  These towels are practically indestructible and are incredibly absorbent.

Perfect for shell collectors

The Container Store

Artisan Glass Canisters with Oak Lids

Shop these Shell Containers

A Shell Collectors Dream

This is our favorite addition to this list, because it is more of a home décor item.  These oak topped glass containers from the Container Store are wonderful for putting your shells and sea glass in. 

Give your beach dweller a gorgeous, display glass container for their bits of coral and starfish. 

They come in different sizes so they would style beautifully on a shelf or coffee table.

 While a few of these items may be out of stock from time to time, they are a great jumping off point for finding inspiration.  

I hope you are able to find the perfect gift for your coastal dwelling loved one.  Check out a few of our nautical themed stationery pieces, too. 

Beachcomer's Stationery Finds