Printing Checklist for Labels

1. Download the proper template from the Dashleigh template catalog.

2. Design using your own images and fonts, or use the Dashleigh design library.

3. Test print.  All printer settings vary, so test your designs on a clean, white sheet of paper before printing on the labels.  Line the paper over the labels and hold up to the light. This will tell you if your design might need to nudge slightly to the left or right.

Label sheets can shifting during the printing process. It is recommended that you leave 1/8" between your design and the cut marks.

Adding a bleed is another way to avoid shifting.

Move the individual images or use the margin settings in Word to move the entire page to match your printer settings to the labels.

4. Make sure the labels are loaded neatly and evenly in the printer.

5. When on the Print Settings page, make sure "Actual Size" is checked.  This often skews the images in your labels. 

6.  Materials


Weatherproof Matte Vinyl: . It utilizes a water-fast inkjet coating, and has a strong, permanent adhesive. To prevent ink from scratching off in high-contact applications an additional topcoat spray may be necessary.

To ensure the best ink quality: specify that you are using "labels" or "premium paper" in your printers materials settings.  Each printer has different settings- so use properties in the print window to view your options.