Eco-Friendly Stages for Dashleigh

1. Carbon Neutral offset for each Dashleigh Order

--ACCOMPLISHED-- Dashleigh now purchases a carbon neutral offset for each Dashleigh order starting in 2022.  

We have partnered with Cloverly to purchase a to offset their carbon footprint and create positive environmental change based on real-time business activities.   Their API uses the zip code of each transaction to route the money to local efforts towards sustainability.  Learn more

2. Sustainable Shipping and Delivery supplies

--ACCOMPLISHED-- Dashleigh has partnered with Econoclose to provide recycled material shipping boxes, containers and padding for each Dashleigh order. 

Now all of our packaging, boxes, mailers and padding are made from sustainable materials.  Our mailers are 100% recycled and recyclable.  

3. Sustainable Packaging for all Dashleigh products

  • --ACCOMPLISHED-- Sheet labels are packaged in recyclable mailers.
  • --IN PROCESS-- We are still working on packaging for our stationery and plan to accomplish this by the end of 2022. 

4. Plastic-less Organization

--ACCOMPLISHED-- Dashleigh houses their items in corrugated, recyclable cardboard bins.