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Icon Essential Oil Labels, 3x1 in - Free Digital Downloads- dashleigh

Icon Essential Oil Labels, 3x1 in

Now using our free templates are easier than ever.   We have formatted our Essential oil labels to work perfectly with our 3x1 inch essential oil labels.

1. Download the Microsoft Word file to get started.

2. The font needed (Google fonts/Rokkit) and (Google fonts/Reem Kufi) will come embedded into the file.

If needed, you can use the link above to download the Google font to your computer- add it to your fonts and use.

3.  After opening the file, you will find that the designed is grouped together. 

You can click on the design to change the text inside to customize.

You may want to move some of the elements around.  To do this- you will need to ungroup the elements.

To ungroup, in Word- click on the design. Go to Drawing Tools > Format > Group > Ungroup

4. Customize the colors and font colors to fully personalize.

How Create Custom Colors in Word

We use very specific colors in this design. Now, we will walk you through how to updated your font colors to match the design.

If you want your font color to match the design of the example, we will now need to change the color to one of the custom colors you use for your text. To do this, click on "Shape Fill" and under the dropdown- select More Fill Colors.

We are now going to take the RGB values listed next to the color swatches above and fill in the numbers.

For example: Red Orange has an RGB value of (241, 90, 41). Follow the order and enter 241 for Red, 90 for Green and 41 for Blue. You will see the swatch color change to blush. Click OK to save this color.


RGB Values (in order)

Lavender (225,175,225)

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